We are very proud and excited that the second World Anti-Bullying Forum will take place in Dublin, Ireland, on June 4-6th 2019. The aim of this unique international and multidisciplinary forum is to broaden our understanding of bullying and to create a stronger bridge between the disciplines, and spread knowledge to more practitioners, researchers and decision-makers around the world. The overall goal is to create even more effective approaches to tackling bullying and allow every child and young person the right to grow up without being bullied, ostracized or discriminated against. As the initiators of the forum, we are particularly proud that it is arranged together with the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Center at the Dublin City University as well as with the International Bullying Prevention Association.

Jacob Flärdh Aspegren
Director – FRIENDS International Centre Against Bullying


The aim of this international and multidisciplinary forum is to broaden our understanding of bullying, harassment, discrimination, ostracism and other of forms of degrading treatment and violence among children and youth. The forum will encourage this by sharing knowledge and exploring new perspectives and acknowledging that bullying and other forms of inhumane or degrading treatment have to be understood as a complex interplay between individual, interpersonal and contextual factors.

The forum invites perspectives from different disciplines and areas such as (but not limited to) psychology, social psychology, sociology, social anthropology, education, gender studies, social work, health sciences, childhood studies, political science, philosophy, and criminology. The intention of the forum is to create multidisciplinary and cross-level dialogues, panels and meetings to improve the understanding of bullying and the work to stop and prevent it. The forum in 2019 will also emphasize the importance of cross-cultural and cross-national dialogues and sharing of knowledge and experiences to reach an even more thorough understanding of the complexity of bullying.

The 1st World Anti-Bullying Forum was held 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden with almost 600 participants representing 37 different countries worldwide and we strongly believe that the upcoming forum in Dublin will be even bigger. For more information and videos from the previous forum, see the link to the website: http://www.wabf2017.com



Opening of Abstract Submission
June 2018

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June 2018

Closing Date of Abstract Submission
30 November 2018

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15 January 2019

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28 February 2019

Forum Dates
4 – 6 June 2019


Professor Christine Salmivalli
Turku University, Finland

Professor Dorte Marie Sondergaard
Aarhus University, Denmark

Professor Susan M. Swearer
University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA

Professor Kevin Kumashiro
Centre for Anti-Oppressive Education, USA

Dr. Shoko Yoneyama
University of Adelaide, Australia

Professor Alan Goodboy
West Virginia University, USA

Dr. René Veenstra
University of Groningen

Dr. Christian Berger
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile

Dr. Michael Kyobe
University of Cape Town, South Africa



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